Staffers in the Office of TN Senator Alexander Visit RASL

Dr. Sarkar describes the research currently being conducted at RASL. Left to right: Gabriella Ra’anan, Kayla McMurry, Mackensie Burt, and Nilanjan Sarkar.

RASL was visited Tuesday morning by staffers in the office of Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander. Projects Manager Mackensie Burt and Legislative Correspondent Kayla McMurry were accompanied by Vanderbilt’s Assistant Director of Federal Relations Gabriella Ra’anan.

A demonstration of RASL’s novel driving simulator.

Lab director Nilanjan Sarkar met with the group and discussed the role of RASL’s research in regards to intervention in neurodevelopmental disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Schizophrenia. In addition, a demonstration of RASL’s novel driving simulator for ASD intervention was given.

Volunteer Jonathan is using the novel driving system. He is fitted with a variety of physiological and EEG sensors, and his eyes movements are monitored by a remote eye tracker.
Left to right: Mackensie Burt, Nilanjan Sarkar, and Kayla McMurry.


RASL Driving Simulator for Autism Research Featured on NBC News


One of RASL’s ongoing projects was featured nationwide on NBC News this week. See the local coverage here, and Vandy Research News’s coverage below.

This work has also been recognized by Autism Speaks (video above) and is discussed in detail in several publications: