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Mechanistic Studies of Optical Nerve Stimulation

Research is being performed to identify the mechanism of optical nerve stimulation.  This research includes laser, thermal, and biological studies of the mechanism on various nerves.  Different laser wavelengths, pulse durations, and energies are being identified for their success in optical nerve stimulation.  Once the appropriate pulse energies are determined for specific pulse durations and wavelengths, the temperature change of the nerve during its optical stimulation is being identified using a FLIR thermal camera.  In addition, biological studies of the ion channels of the peripheral rat nerve and aplysia californica are being analyzed during optical nerve stimulation through fluorescent imaging to help determine what biological interactions are involved with optical nerve stimulation beyond the simple thermal changes of neurons.


Duke AR, Gault MA, Eckert J, Lu H, Jenkins MW, Chiel HJ, Jansen ED Investigating the effects of infrared neural stimulation in the Aplysia californica SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco CA, 2010.

Eckert J, Gault MA, Duke AJ, Jenkins MW, Lu H, Jansen ED, Rollins AM, Chiel HJ Investigating optical methods for imaging and stimulating neurons ShowCASE, Case Western University Symposium, Cleveland, OH (submitted).


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