VUSEVU Biomedical Photonics

Biomedical Photonics Alumni

Bart Masters
BME M.S. May 2010

Chetan Patil
BME Ph.D. 2009

Research Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University

Molly A. James-Myers
BME M.S. December 1998

Psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco

Jennifer A. Baran
BME M.S. May 2000

J. David Mongin
BME M.S. December 2000

Senior Systems Engineer at Guided Therapeutics, Inc.

Stephen R. Uhlhorn
BME Ph.D. August 2002

Research Fellow at University of Miami
Manager for Sru Group, LLC

Joshua Beckham
M.S./Ph.D. December 2008

Assitant Director - Faculty & External Relations,
Freshman Research Initiative at The University of Texas at Austin

Mark Mackanos
BME Ph.D. December 2004

Shannon Faley
M.S./Ph.D. December 2007

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Jerry Wilmink
M.S./Ph.D. December 2007

Research Biomedical Engineer at Air Force Research Laboratory

Jonathon Wells
M.S./Ph.D. BME 2007

Program Manager at Lockheed Martin

Jack Virostko
Ph.D. December 2006

Research Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Karthik Mariappan
M.S.  BME  2000

Clay Buttermere
M.S. BME 2003

Chad Lieber
M.S./Ph.D.BME 2004

Applications Specialist at Prozess Technologie

Amy Robichaux Viehoever
MSTP/Ph.D. BME 2003

Pediatric Neurologist at Washington University in St. Louis

Steve Gebhart
Ph.D. BME 2006

Principal Scientist, Biomedical Engineering and Optical Design

Elizabeth Kanter
Ph.D. BME 2008

Matthew D Keller
M.S./Ph.D. BME 2009

Research Scientist at Intellectual Ventures Lab

Elizabeth Vargis
Ph.D. BME 2012

Assistant Professor at Utah State University

Dean Paras
Ph.D. BME 2012

Jonathan Malphrus
M.S. BME 2009


Jonathan Cayce
M.S./Ph.D. BME 2013

Clinical Research Coordinator at DeRoyal

Brittany Caldwell
M.S. BME 2012

Graduate Research Assistant at Vanderbilt University



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