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Graduate Optics Courses

BME 302. Applied Physics for Biomedical Engineering. Applied physics essential for biomedical engineering. Course is separated into three units: BME 302a, electromagnetics; BME 302b, optics; and BME 302c, mechanics. FALL.

BME 320. Laser-Tissue Interaction and Therapeutic Use of Lasers. Optical and thermal aspects and models of the interaction between laser/light and biological tissue as it is used for therapeutic applications in medicine and biology. Issues and objectives in therapeutic and surgical applications of lasers, overview of state-of-the-art topics and current research. FALL.

BME 321. Optical Diagnosis: Principles and Applications. Applications of light and tissue optical properties for the diagnosis of tissue pathology. Basic scientific and engineering principles for developing techniques and devices that use light to probe cells and tissues. Recent applications of different optical diagnostic techniques. SPRING.

BME 395D. Optical Microscopy and Imaging. Fundamentals of optical imaging and microscopy and the latest developments in biological optical imaging. Basic overview of optical and fluorescence imaging with an emphasis on instrumentation. Focus on advanced imaging techniques including nonlinear optical microscopy, optical coherence tomography, and emerging imaging methods. Special emphasis will be given to recent literature regarding imaging and experimental design. SPRING.


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