The Micro/Nanoscale Thermal-Fluids Laboratory (MNTFL) is well equipped for micro/nanoscale thermal/fluids scientific/engineering research. Major equipments include:

Microscopes: Nikon TE2000U inverted fluorescent microscope, Nikon 50i fluorescent microscope with ultra long working distance 100x lens, Nikon SMZ800 stereo microscope, Nikon AZ100 fluorescent microscope.

Cryosystems: one Janis Research CCS-450 closed cycle cryostat with temperature controller and one BOC Edward turbo pump system.

Vibration control stations: Kinetic systems 9100 Series, Newport VH isolation series.

Microfluidic device fabrication equipments: 500 W near VU exposure system, G3P-8 spin coater system, two vacuum ovens and two ultrasonic cleaners, plasma cleaner/premium vacuum pump, Millipore DI water system, one Westbond ultrasonic wirebonder.

Test facilities: two SRS SR 850 DSP lock-in amplifiers, two SRS SR560 voltage preamplifiers, two SRS DS345 function generators, one DL Instruments 1211 current preamplifier, one Keithley 428 current preamplifier, two Keithley 6487 picoammeter/voltage sources, one Chroma AC power supply, one Automat hum bug noise eliminator, one Accumet AB15 pH meter, one Oakton CON11 conductivity meter, one Eppendorf PCR machine, one VWR centrifuge, several Agilent power supplies and multimeters, several computers for data acquisition and fluorescent image processing.

Hoods and Refrigerators: Two NUAIRE biological safety cabinets and one chemical hood. Two refrigerators.

Pictures of some of the facilities are displayed as follows.



Nikon Eclipse TE2000-U Inverted Microscope


Newport 3 dimensional micro-manipulator


Janis Research CCS-450 cryostat


Stanford Research SR850 Lockin Amplifier


Edwards Vacuum EXT 70H Turbo Pump


ProVent Fume Hood


Plasma Cleaner