Prospective Graduate Students

We are always looking for new graduate students and postdocs to join the MED Lab.  If you are interested in exploring the possibility of joining the lab as a graduate student, please apply to the Vanderbilt Mechanical Engineering Department. In your statement of purpose, note that you are interested in the MED Lab, and describe what interests you about MED Lab research.  

You are also encouraged to contact Professor Webster directly via email.  When you do, please include your CV and (if relevant) any publications you've written. 

Prospective postdoctoral researchers should contact Professor Webster via email.

A couple items to note:

(1) 8 MED Lab PhD students have won NSF fellowships (6 PhD students, 2 undergraduates), and 5 of these are currently in the lab.

(2) To date 3 people have left the MED Lab with PhDs (2 PhD students and one Postdoc) and all are now in faculty positions (Caleb Rucker - University of Tennessee, Jenna Gorlewicz - Southern Illinois University, and Jessica Burgner - Hannover University)

(3) One former MED Lab Student (Byron Smith) started his own company after completing his masters degree in the MED Lab.

(4) In the MED Lab we are active in patenting our work before we publish it, and then working with companies to transfer our technologies to commercial products, which can truly impact how surgery is done.  As a MED Lab graduate student you will learn both how to be an excellent researcher and be part of the exciting process of commercializing the new ideas and devices you create.