• Our research is primarily in surgical robotics and on other devices to make surgery less invasive and more accurate.
  • For an introduction to the field of surgical robotics see Dr. Webster's 2012 Commencement Lecture (YouTube   download (110MB)).

- ICRA '13 & ICRA '12 Best Medical Robotics Paper Finalist

- DMD '13 and DMD '12 Best Poster Awards
 (3 in 5 Competition)

- $1.8M Endonasal Robotic Surgery R01 Grant Funded by NIH

- $1.5M Robotic Acoustic Neuroma  R01 Grant Funded by NIH

- ASEE Best Paper

- NSF Fellowships: Hendrick 2013, Gilbert and Swaney 2012

- Caleb accepts faculty position at University of Tennessee

- Jenna accepts faculty position at Southern Illinois


- IEEE Volz Award for Impact in Robotics